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Women’s History Month guest, Zena Shapter

Women’s History Month is nearly at an end. It’s an appropriate time to have another reflective piece, this time from Australian writer Zena Shapter. When we’re alive, we’re making history. Whether that history gets remembered is based on some complex factors. Awards matter, the amount of time and money spent by the publisher on publicity …

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Women’s History Month guest, Madeleine Robins

Something writers see in each other behind the scenes a lot, things that we confess when we are maudlin drunk or beyond tired, include deep personal reflections on critical subjects. This stuff is part of story, but not obvious in story. Madeleine Robins’ writing is easier to read because her thinking is so sophisticated, but …

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Women’s History Month guest, P.G. Nagle

Pati Nagle is an enviably talented writer. She crosses genre boundaries with ease, a writing superpower. It didn’t surprise me at all that she chose to write this month about a woman who also crossed boundaries. Far more difficult and quite dangerous boundaries. It’s so much easier to stay in one place and be someone …

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Women’s History Month guest, Milena Benini

I love the size of the world. It’s big in some ways and very small in others. I had to go to Croatia to meet Milena Benini. We spent several nights talking and sipping good red wine and nibbling and talking some more. It was as if we’d known each other forever. Since then, we’ve …

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Women’s History Month, International Women’s Day guest, Faye Ringel

Faye Ringel’s notes on an interview she gave Octavia Butler celebrate IWD.

Women’s History Month guest, Marie Brennan

The bad women of history – introduced by writer Marie Brennan.

Women’s History Month – Jackie French

Jackie French is the best possible person to begin this month. She writes history into fiction and non-fiction, she lives as much history as she writes, and she is beloved by wombats. Her gift to us is a full essay, because it’s Sunday and you need something thoughtful to get the month going. Here Jackie introduces us to the way she uses history and to ways history can be seen and to just a bit more.

Women’s History Month 2020

Welcome to Women’s History Month. Yesterday I wrote to a few friends. Some of them are writers, some critics, some historians. This month you will read their thoughts and feelings and dreams about women’s history. Some of these thoughts and dreams will be old and some new, some comforting and some dangerous. If you find …

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How to Avoid Gillian at Continuum 15

Just this once, you may not want to avoid me. This is because an email got buried in an avalanche of other emails and so I didn’t reply when I had to and my research doesn’t have a slot in the Deep Dives. This is probably just as well, because I’m at the stage in …

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New year thoughts

I poured out my soul on Facebook and decided, just maybe, it’d be a good idea to have it here. I don’t talk a lot about the things of great magnitude. I simply deal. Last year I found a way of dealing that was rather better than my previous methods. I’d still rather my life …

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