How to Avoid Gillian at Continuum 14

This year you’re also avoiding retro Aussie sweets. They’re bad for you. You don’t need them. Trust me on this.

In Parallel (Friday @ 6:00 pm)
Corey J. White , Alison Evans, Kathryn Andersen and I talk about parallel universes, maybe including Sliders. I love it that we all come from different backgrounds and have read and seen different things. Even our email discussion on the subject has been fascinating. I can’t see any reason to avoid this panel except for the sad fact that I’m on it.

Breaking the Mould (Saturday @ 10:00 am)
Rachel Nightingale, Marisa Wickramanayake, Devin Madson, Joanne Tindale and I talk about what so many people call ‘older women’ in fiction. Some of us are not yet older and if you call us that we want to kill you off in our fiction, but we’re not in most fiction anyhow. Everyone else in the panel is polite about such things, but I take this subject personally.

Fan Fund Auction (Saturday @ 2:00 pm)
We have amazing stuff to sell. A sea creature made by Vonda McIntyre, some really terrific books, really strange movie-related stuff and more. So much more. Shame you’ll miss is because of me. You also miss meeting Marcin (Alqua) the Polish fan who’s visiting for GUFF.

Try to be Kinder: Entitlement in Fandom (Saturday @ 4:00 pm)
Creatrix Tiara , Ashleigh, Tansy Rayner Roberts and I talk about fans. I just wrote a novel because fans wanted it. It’s going to be hard to publish, because it goes against most publishing trends. I needed to explain why you should avoid this panel, when it has such very wonderful people on (apart from me, of course).

Deep Dive (Sunday @ 10:00 am)
There will be two talks, so you can hear the other while missing mine. Simple. What will you be missing when you avoid me? A talk on how to combat cultural blindness using grammar. I made a punny title when I called it Cultural Conjugation. I will use grammar to help us get over the hump of not seeing books we should see, not remembering great films we should remember. If there’s time I will make my infamous joke about infinitives. I’m definitely making it in Sydney eight days earlier. There are so many reasons to miss this talk…

Hey, where’s my space age future? (Sunday @ 11:00 am)
Jess Flint, Jess Kapuscinski-Evans, Julia Svaganovic and I talk about people who are missing from great tales who ought to be in them. This is where I’m likely to describe my vision for Julia’s SFnal future. She already knows about it. What she doesn’t know is that I’d like a whole book about her. And I will be fighting for it, during this panel. We have a perfect SF hero in our midst who’s not been fictionalised because she happens to use a wheelchair. This is why our world doesn’t get saved, people. We ignore our heroes.

The Inequality of Magic (Sunday @ 3:00 pm)
Darren / Lexie, Dorian Manticore, Jane Routley and Marisa Wickramanayake are wonderful and you should not miss them. Except I’ll be there and I’ll definitely lead everyone astray. I don’t get to talk about it much, but I started looking at the history of magic when I was an undergraduate and I’ve used it in my research and I have Firm Views on Things.

Book Launch: Mountains of the Mind/The Time of the Ghosts (Sunday @ 5:00 pm)
My book! With ceremony and cake.

Raise the Castle or Raze the Castle? (Monday @ 12:30 pm)
Darren / Lexie, Kathryn Andersen, Elizabeth Fitzgerald will have a really wonderful time. It would have been much better for them if I weren’t there for I shall be medieval. Accurately, precisely and annoyingly medieval.

URGENT NOTE: THe program has changed since I posted this. Use the latest program to work out how to avoid me, not this page!!

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