Other writing

This isn’t a complete list. I’m not certain I’m capable of making a complete list. It’s some of it. Maybe 10%. Maybe less.

This list is especially incomplete in the matter of book reviews and short non-fiction. More of my work is gradually being put online at Academia.com. Some of my writing is also being shared with patrons on Patreon. Check there for short pieces, unpublished papers and selections of my writing from BiblioBuffet and Food History. My Patrons have voted and there will be an edition of some of my non-fiction out next year.

The short story list is more complete than the rest, although now I have a short story collection out (see my book page) it’s easier to find many of the stories there. I’ve asterisked those that also appear in Mountains of the Mind. There are more stories in the collection than appear on this list, partly because I wrote new ones for it, and partly because some of my missing stories appeared in a smelly box under my mother’s house.

I’ve given links to where stories and articles can be found where I can find them.

If there is any out of print work of mine that you’d like to see republished, email me using the web form and I’ll see what I can do. Some things are gone forever, so I promise only to try…

I post regularly at The History Girls and at Book View Cafe and at Medievalists.Net, so you can look for me there as well, early each month.

Short stories

2017 “After Eden” Nevertheless, She Persisted ed M. Klasky, Book View Café

2013 ‘Someone’s Daughter’ Next CSfG Publishing *

2012 “Being Other” CSfG microstory collection *

2009 “Passports” In Bad Dreams 2, Eneit Press *

2009 “Red Paper,” Conflux, (second place, Conflux short story competition) *

2006 “Horrible Historians” Subterranean Magazine, Fall, USA (recommended Dozois Year’s Best SF) *

2005 “Stu’s Stew”, The CSFG Gastronomicon, CSfG Publishing *

2005 “Impractical Magic”, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine # 17, February (recommended reading, Datlow/Link/Grant Year’s Best 2005) *

2004 “Happy Faces for Happy Families”, Encounters, CSFG Publishing (recommended, Datlow’s Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 2004) *

2004 “A life – briefly”, short story in Antipodean SF, #74 *

1985 “Words” short story in EMU Literary Magazine for Young Australians Spring/Summer *

1982 “Twilight” short story in Yggdrasil

1982 “The Performance”, The Journal (Short Story Supplement) (winner, Victorian Government Ministry for the Arts Award) *

1981 “A New Life” Kivun *

Non-Fiction includes

2017 “The Case of the Trashy, Tripey Novel with a Marxist Slant: M Barnard Eldershaw and Science Fiction.” Aurealis

2017 “Creating Our Own Stories: Cusack, Kiddle and Chauncey.” Aurealis

2017 “Cherry Wilder and the Story of Australian Speculative Fiction.” Aurealis

2016 “Brumby Adventures in Space- the science fiction of Mary Elwyn Patchett” Aurealis

2016 “Early Australian Fantasy: Norman Lindsay’s The Magic Pudding.” Aurealis

2016 “Another letter to Tiptree” Strange Horizons

2016 “Sky Politics: Nevil Shute’s In the Wet.” Aurealis

2015 “On Fury and Fairies and Remnants of Gods,” Skiffy and Fanty

2015 “How a Speculative Fiction Writer Writes Non-Fiction,” SF Signal

2015 “How to make the international local without weakening it.” SFF World

2015 “Life and Death is Small Things: Nevil Shute’s On the Beach.” Aurealis

2015 “Old North Australia and New South Australia: the work of Paul Linebarger” Aurealis

2015 “Australian Speculative Fiction and the Land: Culture and Ownership” Holdfast (printed in Holdfast Anthology issues 5-8, 2017.

2014 ‘Novelists and their History’ in Rethinking History

2013 ”My stories are quite tame’: Margo Lanagan and the Critics.’ chapter in Contemporary Speculative Fiction, ed. M Keith Booker, Critical Insights, Salem Press

2013 “Dialogue and Doomsday: Comedy and Conviction in Connie Willis and Oscar Wilde”, Vector

2000 Once and Future: Medieval and Modern Arthurian Literature The Arthurian
Association of Australia, Occasional Papers volume 1 (editor and contributor)

2013 ‘Not Turning Into Cellophane: Fighting Marginalisation’ The WisCon
Chronicles: Shattering Ableist Narratives, Vol. 7
edited by JoSelle Vanderhooft, Aqueduct Press

A fortnightly column at Bibliobuffet, 3 years

A piece in Storied Dishes, ed Linda Berzok, Greenwood Press, 2010

2010 “What Shape is a Wave,”  Steam Engine Time 11

Food History (a blog – 2006-2009)

On food in fantasy novels

‘The shadows in history’s eye.’

‘Them’s Fighting Words: Old French Insults.’

‘Thoughts on Women’s History: 2004 Online Women’s History Month,’ February 14, 2004.

2009‘The Middle Ages’ (Overview) from Women in Science Fiction and Fantasy v 1 ed Robin Reid

2009 Guest of Honour speech from Conflux 5, Steam Engine Time 10

2008‘Geoff Ryman’s Realities,’ Steam Engine Time 9

2008 ‘Simon Brown:  An Overview,’ Steam Engine Time 8

2007 ‘The appeal of the short story,’ Steam Engine Time 7

2006 ‘Conceptualising the Past:  How Fiction Writers Talk about the Middle Ages.’ In Historicising the Historical Novel,  Working Papers on the Web, v 9

2005 ‘How not to hate research. Truly.’ SF and Fantasy Workshop, Dec. v. 25, No. 290

2005 ‘How Fiction Writers use the Middle Ages,’ AntiTHESIS, May

2005 ‘An Exploration of Jewish Fairytales,’ Fables and Reflections issue 7, April

2005 Elven Grammar II Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 17, Vol. 4 No. 1, February/March

2005 ‘Canberra’s Fire,’ Stories of Strength ed J Glatzer

2005 ‘Maxine McArthur: Space Opera Plus’ Conflux Programme Book Conflux

2004 Ten Things That Only Belong in a Speculative Fiction Novel when Placed There Carefully with Intent to Murder Medieval History. Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 16, Vol. 3 No. 4, December/January

2004 ‘Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder’ Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #15, October/November

‘Feminism and the Past.’

‘Fiddler on the Roof in Queanbeyan, NSW’ (originally published in the Australian Jewish News)

2008 ‘http://voyageronline.wordpress.com/2008/05/05/”>Food is more than fantasy.’

2004 ‘King Arthur in Our Mind’s Eye (and on our bookshelves).’

2004’Elven Grammar,’ Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine Issue 15, Vol. 3 No. 3 October/November

2003 ‘A Medieval French Rosh Hashanah,’ Kosher Consumers’ Association

2002 ‘Researching your Family History,’ The Canberra Writer

2004’Living History Through Fiction’ January 22 http://www.suite101.com/article.cfm/tudor_england/106064

2004 ‘Medieval French food for the Jewish New Year.’

2001 ‘Racism in Australia,’ originally published in ‘The Real Women’s News’ 29 September

2000’A brief introduction to Medieval Jewish Arthurian literature,’ for GrailQuest ’99 Conference Proceedings CTEA, Sydney

2000 ‘Modern Feminism and the Medieval Arthurian Romance – A Reflection’ Once and Future:  Medieval and Modern Arthurian Literature, Arthurian Association of Australia, Occasional Papers, v 1

2000’Immersed in a sea of perplexed thoughts: some ideas on a Medieval text,’ Once and Future: Medieval and Modern Arthurian Literature

2000 ‘Chanson de Geste,’ Medieval Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Myths, Legends, Tales, Beliefs, and Customs. Ed. C Lindahl et. al. ABC-CLIO

2000 ‘International Folk Dance in Canberra, Australia,’ New Directions in Folklore 4.1: March

2000 ‘William of Orange Medieval,’ Folklore: An Encyclopedia of Myths, Legends, Tales, Beliefs, and Customs. Ed. C Lindahl et. al. ABC-CLIO

‘A Jewish King Arthur? A brief Introduction to Medieval Jewish Arthurian Literature,’ The Grail Quest Papers (Conference proceedings 1999)