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Women’s History Month – guest, Mary Victoria

Women’s History Month was rudely interrupted by Passover, so I had to take a break. When we finish for the year, I’ll do you a nice list of all the posts so that you can find everything. Until then, enjoy! Right now, enjoy Mary Victoria talking about a writer who I also love. The wonder …

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Blogvisits and related

Over the last little while I and Katrin have visited many places, both separately and together, for The Middle Ages Unlocked. I also visited some other places, for my fiction. All in all, it was a lot of fun, though we ended up writing about as many words as the NaNoWriMo folks write, in the …

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Mary Victoria – Women’s History Month

I put off writing this blog post for a long while. Well, I didn’t exactly put it off: it slipped between my fingers, scuttled away and wriggled under the bed like the tricky thing it is. I’ve been trying to coax it out with treats. I thought of telling an inspirational story about becoming a …

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