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Over the last little while I and Katrin have visited many places, both separately and together, for The Middle Ages Unlocked. I also visited some other places, for my fiction. All in all, it was a lot of fun, though we ended up writing about as many words as the NaNoWriMo folks write, in the interest of getting word out about books. I’ve not done an overview, for life has been totally busy at this end, with teaching and new books and much else. Katrin was more organised, so I’ve filched the Beast links from her blog. I don’t much like normal PRishness for books (yes, we know the book is out – we want something interesting to read!), so most of these links are to places that say something interesting. I can’t give you a link for the really nice review that will be shortly released in the BBC’s magazine, but I’m very chuffed about it. I’m also chuffed about this review:

And now, the tour. Some of these I’ve posted here before. I wanted to put everything on one page! These are not in date order. First, The Middle Ages Unlocked:

Some of the backstory to the book

And more of the backstory (all my books have stories, why should this one be any different?)

A Question and Answer (A Literary Vacation)

Medieval cosmetics

Katrin on clothes

An interview by Medieval Archives

Katrin on how to start a fire

I wrote on folklife for Under the Tudor Rose

I interviewed Katrin about crafts

An interview by Donna Maree Hanson

Katrin and I talk about our different approaches to the project

Here I wrote about death

We got a bit silly for this guest post, I’m afraid, and went down the numbered list route

Katrin interviewed me

Sources for historical fiction

Another interview!

Medieval textiles from Katrin


Many people were interested in why we wrote the book. This time it was the Lady Jane Grey blog

Many people were also interested in crafts. Katrin here writes for Nerdalicious

For SF Signal I explained how a spec fic writer writes non-fiction.

Felicity Pulman has supported the Beast since the early days, and she interviewed me

For The Freelance History Writer Katrin wrote about spinning

We were asked to write about the time just after the Beast for a blog that focusses on the fourteenth century

I also wrote a Magna Carta thing for HNN, because it is the Year of Such Things.


Given I’ve had two novels released this year, I’m just combining the posts. I don’t think this is all of them, but it’s possibly enough!!

First, an interview from Mary Victoria.

And now one from Amanda Bridgeman

I was very lucky and was a guest on Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog for My Favorite Bit

A really interesting article by Kyla Ward on The Art of Effective Dreaming
. I don’t intend to write horror, but Kyla’s convinced me that some of my writing is definitely horror, or has a strong element of horror.

Speaking of horror, I wrote a piece for The History Girls on certain of Canberra’s ghosts.

I wrote on Paying for my Passion for David McDonald’s series

Cultural heritage and superheroes

An interview, by Tarran Jones of Collins Booksellers, Edwardstown

And another interview

Skiffy and Fanty gave me the chance to write about both books! And to make an Avengers joke.

For SFF World I used Ghosts as an excuse to talk about writing. I really don’t need much of an excuse to write about writing technique and theory and narrative and…

This isn’t all the blogposts. It’s all I can remember, however, and will have to do.

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