A Quiet Sunday

This morning has been spent clearing things and sorting things and getting things under control. One big thing that is now under control is the reading of primary sources for my next novel. I now have only around 500 to read, which is a year’s work, which is about how much time I want to spend on primary sources.

The wonderful thing about having a lot of sources is that one can assess them and work out which ones are most relevant and one can skim read the ones that only needed skim reading. In fact, I suspect that this is the wonderful thing about the historical training: I have enough background to assess which sources will do me what kind of good and when and thus work terrifyingly efficiently (and get to play with more books!). As I progress in my understanding of how my characters think and believe, I’ll be able to diminish the primary sources significantly more. This is why 500 books is a year’s worth (I could read them in a year, but only if I didn’t have much other work to do): they probably add up to 200 full volumes of reading.

Now they’re all sorted by the major topics in which I still lack enough understanding. Plus there’s a whole file of dictionaries and the like, so that I can sort nuances and language.

This isn’t everything, but it’s very good progress.

For my next trick, I have an hour of solid writing on contemporary SF before lunch.

After lunch and into the evening (probably taking up the whole evening) is the Middle Ages again. Again and always, it feels like.

This is my work right now. Deal with what must be dealt with elsewhere, and then spend the rest of the time in the Middle Ages. One day, the Beast will end, and until then there are two of us who return to it and return to it and return to it.

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