Australian Jewish speculative fiction writers using Jewish material

This list is not complete. This kind of list is never complete. It has its own particular complications.

To create it, I talked to most of the current Jewish Australian writers of SFF I know and a tweet went round the world three times asking for advice: I could only find three Jewish Australian authors who wrote Jewish-themed SFF. This seems an improbably small number, especially given the number of my Jewish friends who wanted to be writers when we were all madly reading science fiction together at university. There may only be three of us in the whole of Australia’s history, but I doubt it.

While I received advice from many people on possible names of authors, that advice kept repeating the same names. The data about the works themselves came from the authors themselves. Jack’s is not-quite-complete for some of his anthologies haven’t been broken down to the level of individual stories on certain themes yet (he has published a lot) but it’s most of what he has. Mine is also mostly complete.

It’s probable that the majority of the novels that ought to be on the list are there, but it’s equally likely that there are short stories that need to be added. My own first publications were a third in SFF magazines, a third in Jewish ones and a third in literary magazines, after all. This means I’m leaving the comments open on this entry, so that readers can add stories I’ve missed. I don’t believe there are only three of us, you see.

Many of the short stories have been reprinted and translated elsewhere – their original publication dates are given here. This is especially true of Jack’s work. He has a more complete listing on his webpage.

Absent works: First, there are quite a few Australian Jewish writers who write SFF but do not use specifically Jewish themes or motifs or characters. Second, there are many non-Jewish Australian writers who include Jewish material in their SFF. This is not a list of them.

I started to make a list of the non-Jewish Australian SFF writers, early on, but it was complicated. Some stories were insightful and perfect. Others were worrying. One writer felt that a subject was Jewish when it read to me as anti-Semitic and another felt that a subject wasn’t Jewish when it read to me as Kabbalistic. I may venture into the larger list at a later date, or I may avoid it for reasons of sanity.

Dann, Jack

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Polack, Gillian
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