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Women’s History Month – Jackie French

Jackie French is the best possible person to begin this month. She writes history into fiction and non-fiction, she lives as much history as she writes, and she is beloved by wombats. Her gift to us is a full essay, because it’s Sunday and you need something thoughtful to get the month going. Here Jackie introduces us to the way she uses history and to ways history can be seen and to just a bit more.

The Wizardry of Jewish Women – sequel

ASIM published Impractical Magic and it was listed as recommended reading in a Year’s Best before the novel it was sequel to ever reached print. Processes are so much slower for novels in my life that the novel was written first and everyone met Judith through her sequel. A few years ago, Bob Kuhn did …

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SEA Writers

Some of my favourite writers live in South East Asia. Most of them aren’t as well-known as they should be. I asked Joyce Chng, a Singaporean writer and a friend, if she could help. This gives you somewhere to start. Then you can move on to Victor Ocampo’s lists (to which Joyce gives a link), …

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When the New becomes the Same-Old

I’ve reached the stage where I’m tired of the Not-Quite-New Black in SFF. I would very much like publishers to stop pushing gritty urban noir fantasy at me right now, whether it has elves or not, whether it’s derived from ancient gods or not, whether it’s set in London (which most are) or somewhere else. …

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On personal safety and on jam tomorrow

I’m finding it slow but very important to develop my own subjective sense of how women compromised and navigated places and social situations to remain safe. It’s such a big part of women’s lives today (I do not walk through certain carparks at night, I do not travel at night alone at all unless I …

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Childhood books

I’ve just had a beautifully long conversation with my mother. We talked through a whole shelf of books from my childhood. It helped me discover some critical things about myself. 1. I read Little Golden Books at the same time as Thomas Hardy, because I read the same books as all the children I babysat …

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BiblioBuffet – final post

A few years ago, I wrote for BiblioBuffet. I loved writing for them. I was paid to be edited by an excellent editor and to write about all my favourite topics. Today, in my search checks, my final article came up. If people still want to read it, then I thought it should go in …

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Summer reading and the joy of mid-afternoon

I have two posts of interest for you that are elsewhere on the interwebz: and This will make up for my day being about careful thinking (which will no doubt erupt into writing at some point) and much feeling under the weather. It didn’t even reach 35 degrees today, but it was/is one …

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I know it’s not quite Chanukah yet, but my first Chanukah gift to everyone is an open question time from now until the end of Chanukah. I know a bunch of people are working on novels with background I might be able to help with (or give hints towards useful resources) so I’m starting a …

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A Quiet Sunday

This morning has been spent clearing things and sorting things and getting things under control. One big thing that is now under control is the reading of primary sources for my next novel. I now have only around 500 to read, which is a year’s work, which is about how much time I want to …

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