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Life has been quite interesting recently. Some of it has been gloriously interesting and some of it has been interesting in ways that take a fair amount of dealing with. That’s why I’ve not updated. I hadn’t even quite finished Women’s History Month. I plan to do that this week. The last posts, including the …

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The Wizardry of Jewish Women returns!

Today I’m welcoming the new edition of The Wizardry of Jewish Women. With this new edition, I’ve also been welcomed into Book View Café, which is full of some of my favourite authors. This means I’ve had the very real honour of learning how some of the best writers round think about novels, by seeing …

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On self, authenticity, othering, religion and heat

It’s a bit warm right now. It was, despite being warm, six degrees warmer in Melbourne and do-not-ask hot in Adelaide. And this is my excuse for not giving you an exciting post. It’s only an excuse, however. I read some pamphlets and books from the late 17th century and am slowly getting a handle …

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