Chanukah – second to fifth nights

The trouble with Chanukah so close to everyone else’s silly seasons and with so many work deadlines is that I forget to blog. To make things easier for me, then, I’m going you your presents for the missing nights plus the nights right up to and including my Chanukah At Home. From Sunday ’til the end, you’ll get the posts with snippets of interesting things and maybe the Chanukah story. Until then, it’s actual presents. Still electronic this year, but actual presents.

Night Two: two copies of my Rethinking History article, on how fiction and history work together
Night Three: three copies of a short story (I shall draw one at random out of my sparkly sorting hat)
Night Four: four copies of another short story (because my sparkly purple sorting hat needs workout)
Night Five: five copies of the cookbook I made for friends way back in the 1990s The closest I’ve been to self-publishing, I suspect)

How will this operate?

You can put your name down for as many gifts as you like, but please give me your email address. I won’t use your address for any purpose other than emailing these presents. I will need it even if you think I already have it (because too often I discover I don’t have it and we all waste previous time). Then I’d like you to list the items you want in order.

You can email me, list things here, send me a message through LJ or through my website contact form (since obviously quite a few of you won’t want to make your emails public). On my Sunday afternoon, I’ll take all your names and wishes and allocate the gifts as fairly as I can.

You don’t have to know me to receive a gift this Chanukah – but it would help your enjoyment if you liked my writing.

Happy Chanukah!

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