For my next trick in 2017

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been busy. Much of the work won’t emerge until later in the year, but now, at least, I can tell you most of where I’ll be and when. I’ll do updates as I know for certain about them. I’m speaking or teaching in all these places. In some of them I’m speaking and teaching. Also, I have (very limited) copies of three of my recently out-of-print novels. Let me know before I leave for a place and I can sell you them! I promise to spend the money wisely…

8 April Workshop, Merimbula

12 April Fairytale Symposium, Canberra

20-21 May, Melbourne to be confirmed

9-12 JuneContinuum, Melbourne – I’ll put up a schedule when I have one

9-13 August Worldcon 75, Helsinki – I’ll put up a schedule when I have one

16 August English Bookshop, Stockholm

25-27 August Canberra to be confirmed

8-10 September Historical Novel Society, of Australasia, Melbourne

27 September Worldbuilding workshop, Gungahlin Library, Canberra

1-2 October, Conflux, Canberra (I may also be there on the Friday morning as I have other years… or I may not) – I’ll put up a schedule when I have one

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