Happy New Year

After the last few years, I wasn’t expecting ‘normal’ to be a part of my life, but right now, it is. I have a novel to write and editing to finish, both in the next short while. I’ll post when I can, for I’m still researching. It’s like walking between the raindrops, however, and I won’t be able to chat as much about related subjects as I have been. I could do this and give up sleep, of course.

I’ll post when I can, therefore, and sometimes it will be passionate rants inspired by my research and sometimes it will be historical tidbits, but… if I don’t, it’s because, until March, things are busy. Given that I’m the kind of person who likes working twelve hours in a day, for me to say ‘busy’ is unusual.

This year my main publications will be two BVC editions of novels (The Time of the Ghosts and Langue[dot]doc 1305) and my first collection of short stories. Books and stories are falling all around me in a delightful but manic manner, and I can’t tangle my fiction with my research. The fiction may test the research (and it does) but they’re quite different processes and require quite different approaches. Walking between the raindrops…

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