How to avoid me at Worldcon 75

This is the post you’ve been waiting for. Now you can plan your Helsinki visit knowing you can avoid me. You’ll also know that I can’t redeem myself with chocolate, for I have tiny scraps of Australia to give everyone instead. Ask me nicely and you could take home some opal or Australian turquoise or fool’s gold. (When I say ‘scraps of Australia’ I mean it quite literally.) Asking me politely would, of course, mean not avoiding me.

I can only be at a small bit of the auction, but I’m bringing Tim tams, a blow-up kangaroo and other exciting things to add to the bidding frenzy. This means I’ll be there … sort of…for some of the time and my luggage will represent me the rest of the time.

UPDATE: 20/7

My full programme (apart from the auction and when I’m volunteering) is:

Signing: Gillian Polack 1 hour,
Thursday 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM | Messukeskus, Signing area
For those who can’t avoid me (because their favourite author is also signing) I’ll be bringing my scraps of Australia to this signing and also I’ll be bringing bookplates, in case you want or already have writing of mine but didn’t bring it to Helsinki.

New publishing

Friday 15:00 – 16:00, 206 (Messukeskus)
Publishing is changing. We talk about Indie (self) publishing, but what else is there? Co-operative publishing (Book View Cafe)? Patronage (Patreon, fundraiser sites such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo)? How does the different publishing work? How do readers find out about it?
I get to talk about some exciting things I and other writers are doing.

Gender and “realistic history”

Saturday 11:00 – 12:00, Hall 3 (Messukeskus)
The panelists discuss how people from the past (particularly women and LGBT+ folks) were much more prominent and awesome than most fantasy & alternate history would have us believe.
I suspect my historian aspect will peek out of the woodwork for this panel. This might be because it’s one of those areas where my fiction and my new research into how we put our narrative together collide with my previous work as a historian. I’m so hoping that everyone on the panel knows this about me, otherwise they will look at my fiction and get very confused when I open my mouth. Pity them…

Nerdy nummies from TV and movies
Saturday 15:00 – 16:00, 208 (Messukeskus)
Audiovisual media has inspired a lot of cooking shows, cookbooks and blogs. But is it hard to create for example a Death Star cake, gingerbread Hogwart’s Express or a Klingon feast? Our panel discusses their trials and tribulations when creating meals, drinks and baked goods sparked by something they have seen on screen.
I will be bringing one of my secret weapons for creating food from fantasy lands. This secret weapon has nothing to do with my food history self, for I’m not being a historian on this panel, unless people really want me to say rude things about Medieval food on screen. If they demand this dire act of me, I can.

FAN AUCTION: 16:00 to 18:00 Go! I’ll only be there for part of it (as a volunteer) and the wonderfulness of this auction is far more important than avoiding me. Why do I say this? I know some of the items and I know the auction team…

Understanding the Other through Medievalism
part of: Academic Track session 16: ‘Medieval’ Religion in Speculative Fiction
Saturday 17:00 – 18:30, 209 (Messukeskus)
This panel brings together three papers that examine the ways that medieval and modern ideas and ideologies inform representations of religion in speculative fiction. In so doing, they explore and help to explain the tensions between present, the past as Other and the present Other.
I’m looking at Australian Medievalist fantasy in a way that Australian Medievalist fantasy has not been looked at before. I shall dig myself a really deep hole with this paper and then I shall fling myself into it, laughing desperately.

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