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The question I am asked the most by readers (apart from when a given book will be out or where it is available) is when I’ll be visiting a given city. I’ve been thinking about this. I don’t want to do a newsletter. If you live in Dublin and I’m telling you all about Melbourne, that’s dull. However, I can do a travel bulletin.

If you want to know about Gillian-events and Gillian-visits to places within reach, then give me your name, city, region/country and an email address. First name is fine, invented name is also fine. This is for a spreadsheet to send out emails from – the emails won’t be personalised, because if I have travel I don’t have time. I’ll only send you emails if I am travelling near you and there will be an event or a chance to meet up.

I’ll email news of when I’ll be in a place and how you can find me. You might want the information to avoid me – just don’t tell me that and it will work out well. I’ll think I’m loved and you’ll know you’re safe from my jokes.

You can email me name/location/email address at books(at)gillianpolack(dot)com, or use the contact form at or send me a message through Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll only get messages when I’m travelling to somewhere near you.

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