More on invisibility

This is last night’s post. I wanted something that would give you this kind of research and I didn’t want to write a post on it, for half the fun in history is the excitement. I managed to get a weather-change headache and left it a few more hours and lo, someone shared a thread on Twitter that showed all the things I was dreaming of. Including the excitement.

Enjoy it!

I’ll wait a few hours before I put today’s post up, just in case any of you want to follow the thread or remember you have a photograph just like this and are driven to find it. I have one, but no time to investigate. It’s of geology teachers on an excursion to a major South Australian mine 24+ years ago and I’m not sure that this female teacher even knew she was being photographed, for the photographer (my mother) retired early from teaching due to changes in government.

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