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The most common comment about Langue[dot]doc 1305 is that the history doesn’t weigh heavily upon it. I take this as a compliment, that I have avoided info-dumping and that I show the period and place from the eyes of the people there, not from an omniscient outsider’s gaze. I tried very hard to keep my historian’s view of the Middle Ages out of the direct narrative, but it informed every word. One of the ways my historian’s view informed the story was because I researched like a historian. This, then is the list I worked with up to the final stages of the novel. It was my working list, not my complete bibliography. To add insult to injury, some of the references are missing detail. There are so many things it does include and it doesn’t include. It does not include my earlier research as a Medievalist. It does include some the books Artemisia commented on in the library she had with her in 1305. It doesn’t include modern science, for I researched that in a slightly different way. It doesn’t include all the time travel novels I read (I read so many! It’s hard to be subversive without knowing what one is subverting). And it doesn’t include much medieval literature, for I just went to my bookshelves and checked things as I needed when it came to most of that. All that work at university paid off in those terms.

I hope you find my rather skewed bibliography interesting and maybe useful.

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