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The Time of the Ghosts

The Time of the Ghosts is my third Canberra novel. The other two are Ms Cellophane and The Art of Effective Dreaming. The three novels are not directly linked, but they look at different stages of life and different facets of Canberra. The Time of the Ghosts is the novel of the adult women, and of palimpsest Canberra. It’s about the consequences of cultural borrowing and about personal baggage and about facing death.

It contains a great deal of food for which (of course) there are recipes o my computer. There are also written accounts of some of the ghosts, and of one of the jokes.

The history in the novel and the folklore in the novel were researched (for I am a cultural historian), but they’re only as reliable as the narrator.

When the book has been out long enough for questions from readers, some of the recipes might be here, or maybe the bad joke. Or more about the history of fairies, of Jews, of vampire cats, of Canberra’s moving streets. It all depends on readers. And on them asking me questions.