Not Being Alone

Today’s URLs are for learning history or subjects related to history. Some are free, some cost. This was going to be just one website but then I realised.. so many universities do online courses that are regular university courses. You can be not alone and you can advance your career, or delve into subject more deeply.

Today’s online courses are here: , which is the heart of university history in the UK.

I’m also giving you a URL for just one set of online courses in Australia. There are other universities that offer online online degrees and subjects but Deakin offers an online course that more than touches on my own subject area. In fact, I’m one of the teachers later this year. If you’re interested in the subject, you’ll find me. Deakin has a number of campuses, and Cloud is the one that comes to computers near you.

There are tens of thousands of online courses at universities these days. Some are free and some are not. Some are for fun, and some are part of a degree. Eleven or twelve weeks of an MA course could get you through COVID-19 and out the other side with a part of a degree or an update or a taste of what your favourite subject looks like at advanced level.

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