Not being alone

I spent the bushfire period learning what it was like to live without seeing people for chunks of time, simply because I couldn’t go out without getting sick. Since the next few weeks are going to include that element for so many people, I’ve decided to add a series to this blog until it’s over.

Every day I can (which will be most days, unless I get that dratted virus) I shall give you a link to something interesting. If you want to use my blog as a place to chat, go for it. I’ll do this through til April and then see how things are. I might add pictures in April if you need to see the world. (I’d add them now, but things are a bit too busy at my end! I’m keeping everything simple.)

Today’s page is Book View Cafe’s, for it has a blog and it has free reading and it has a bookshop with works by its members.

Why this page? Because I’m working on things related to it today ie it’s good and it’s simple. On other days you may meet museums, places to shop, places to dream about history, places to travel when our worlds get bigger again.

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    • Rosemary Garreffa on 16 March 2020 at 10:56
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    What a lovely idea! Imparting your first hand experience will help many I’m sure. I have to keep working frantically until this thing catches up with us all and I reach the point of my 14 day sabbatical.
    I’m doing a writer’s course (editing) so will have something to occupy my time.
    Trying times ahead. Stay safe and sane!
    I love reading your posts by the way.
    And was fortunate enough to be in Adelaide for writers week and got to listen to some wonderfully l diverse writers – Tim Flannery, Tim Costello and Bernard Conneally 3 that come to mind.
    Plenty to ruminate on as I sip red wine and eat my pantry staples in blissful solitude. (Whilst hopeful not to be coughing my insides out)

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