I know it’s not quite Chanukah yet, but my first Chanukah gift to everyone is an open question time from now until the end of Chanukah. I know a bunch of people are working on novels with background I might be able to help with (or give hints towards useful resources) so I’m starting a little early so that those who take time off for this season can finish up before they go on holiday.

Usual guidelines apply:

I’m as happy answer questions about my life or my own writing as to help you with your work or satisfy your curiosity, but if there’s a question that I don’t want to answer I will apologise and not answer (has anyone actually asked such a question?). If it’s something that requires hours of work at my end then it’s not suitable for this thread. If you ask such a question, then I reserve the right to point you to places you can look for those answers (ie I’m not spending more than 5 minutes on any question). Joke-questions are entirely permitted, and questions by people who don’t know me are entirely welcome. Do not ask how long a piece of string is or what size my feet are, for I have already answered those questions in early open question times.

For those who don’t know me, you might want to check out this website before launching into questions (it was embarrassing for someone, once, who didn’t know I was a writer and historian, and I don’t want anyone else to be in that position).

If you’re encountering this post on my new website or at Goodreads, then you need to go to my LJ blog to actually ask the questions, for I’d rather keep it all together (pun entirely intended).

The question thread will close at midday on 24 December.

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