Reflections on WHM 2015

Only two more posts and Women’s History Month is over for me this year. It’s actually been quite a difficult year, in terms of admin. A bunch of emails didn’t get to people or from people to me, for starters. The grapevine says that a bunch of spam filters were changed and emails to me and from me were definitely caught in the middle. There were several authors I really wanted to hear from who didn’t reply to my original email or my follow-up one and they’re all immensely courteous, so there were more emails that didn’t get there than I was able to solve. If you’ve been a previous guest and if you’re a writer, then the likelihood is high that you were a victim of the email problem.

The subject was a hard one, too. Writers who are normally wonderfully self-confident doublethought and needed to ask questions and… it was a lot more work for me than usual.

It was worth it. Some of the stories that writers shared… Also, I received a half dozen requests to do this theme again next year. It was infinitely harder for those sharing their stories, but quite obviously far more rewarding for the readers.

I’ll put the last two posts up over the next 48 hours, along with a list of who you’ve met and where to find them. And then I’m done with it for the year and can focus on raucous deadlines.

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