Storms and stories

I’ve progressed to a migraine that allows me to read, so I’m catching up on essential reading before the next storm hits. This gives me an excuse to reflect on the sheer number of novels I’ve read this month which have narration (some in first person some in third) by two different characters, alternating, and how few of them actually differentiate the voice and the perspective to match the characters and nuance the story. If this is the new black (or even an old black that’s been chosen a bit too often) then I really want a few more writers to reconsider.

I have just an hour of madly reading left, before the evening dissolves into matters Medieval. There will be only one narrative voice for matters Medieval and it will be mine. If someone would kindly do some handwavium and make the thunderstorms move on so that this is possible, I’ll be most grateful.

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