Summer reading and the joy of mid-afternoon

I have two posts of interest for you that are elsewhere on the interwebz:


This will make up for my day being about careful thinking (which will no doubt erupt into writing at some point) and much feeling under the weather. It didn’t even reach 35 degrees today, but it was/is one of those days that feels very warm.

In an hour it will start to cool down and in two hours I will feel entirely up to dealing with things. In two hours, therefore, my day’s work will begin. Or rather, the second and third parts of my day’s work. I did some things this morning, before the heat struck. Not nearly enough of them, but some.

Speaking of work, I’m taking an afternoon break tomorrow because it may also be hot (not as hot as today, so I can walk up the street and do messages – I refuse to carry heavy things when it’s too hot and I have to walk) so if anyone would like to meet for a cold drink, ring me before midday. If I don’t hear from anyone and if the heat isn’t as soporific as today’s then I may just work through the afternoon and do my messages on Monday. On Monday the heat will matter much less, for on Monday there will be buses (one an hour! Oh, miracle!).

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