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Women’s History Month guest, Zena Shapter

Women’s History Month is nearly at an end. It’s an appropriate time to have another reflective piece, this time from Australian writer Zena Shapter. When we’re alive, we’re making history. Whether that history gets remembered is based on some complex factors. Awards matter, the amount of time and money spent by the publisher on publicity …

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Women’s History Month guest, Janeen Webb

Have you noticed that this year quite a few historians are sharing stories about their work and their work relates to their forthcoming or new novels? More and more historians are writing fiction. Or, to look at it from the other direction, more and more published authors are also historians. Janeen Webb is not a …

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Women’s History Month guest, P.G. Nagle

Pati Nagle is an enviably talented writer. She crosses genre boundaries with ease, a writing superpower. It didn’t surprise me at all that she chose to write this month about a woman who also crossed boundaries. Far more difficult and quite dangerous boundaries. It’s so much easier to stay in one place and be someone …

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Women’s History Month guest, Christine Bell

Tonight my guest is a writer whose new book has come out at a most inconvenient time. I asked her to be our guest today because her book is interesting for so many reasons and should not be overlooked just because we live in a troublesome year . The most minor of my reasons for …

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Women’s History Month guest, Elizabeth St. John

Two female healers in the 17th century, introduced by Elizabeth St. John.

Women’s History Month guest, Dena Bain Taylor

One of the things I adore about Women’s History Month is that I get to introduce everyone to writers who they should read, but I also get to show a tiny corner of the world just what amazing and varied lives omen have. Dena Taylor is a good example of both these. And she’s talking …

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Women’s History Month guest, Sue Bursztynski

Some writers aren’t known internationally, but are very much loved inside their own region. Sue is one of these. She’s a much-loved writer of SF and work for school age children. It’s my fault this post isn’t on the birthday of her subject… this March is so impossible that I tangle dates. Gillian Caroline Herschel, …

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Women’s History Month guest, Milena Benini

I love the size of the world. It’s big in some ways and very small in others. I had to go to Croatia to meet Milena Benini. We spent several nights talking and sipping good red wine and nibbling and talking some more. It was as if we’d known each other forever. Since then, we’ve …

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Women’s History Month guest, Nancy Jane Moore

Nancy Jane Moore introduces us to a fascinating book about the Women’s Self-Defense Movement.

Women’s History Month guest, Christina Ryan

One of my favourite photographs from the years I was on Australia’s Women’s History Month committee (we were not as pretentious as it sounds) is of Christina Ryan. She’s impossible to describe, impossible to quench, and is a powerful force for good in Australia. She’s also my friend. She’s not here today because she’s my …

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