The Wizardry of Jewish Women returns!

Today I’m welcoming the new edition of The Wizardry of Jewish Women.

With this new edition, I’ve also been welcomed into Book View Café, which is full of some of my favourite authors. This means I’ve had the very real honour of learning how some of the best writers round think about novels, by seeing them work on mine. As each stage happened, the people around me heard my stunned “Do you know who’s been emailing me?”

It’s not only wonderful because I’m meeting (online) some of the best writers in the business and I’m working with them (not only on my book – I get to work on many things!) I’m learning so very much. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I was right a few years ago when I noted that the really good writers with careers that last all have one thing in common: they’re amazing at learning. My first few months has been an apprenticeship, and I am learning from people who are themselves wonderful at learning.

I wrote a long post about this and about other matters. I read it back to myself and laughed. I am a melted puddle of happiness at being in Book View Café, and everything I said showed it. It didn’t, however, make much sense. Me, myself, I’m not at the stage of learning where everything makes sense yet. Some things are clear.

Finally, for instance, I understand the difference between typesetting ebooks and paper and will format my manuscripts somewhat differently to make it easier to do both from the one manuscript. The thing about being involved at the publishing level is one can see where a very ordinary decision (or, in many cases, a formatting problem caused by the word processing program) can cause great angst to the typesetter and can make a manuscript messy for readers unless the problems are worked through.

Other things are still to come. I have a long learning curve for marketing, for Australia really doesn’t teach that side of things at all well. It may be one of the reasons some of our best authors aren’t our best-known authors.

The other novels in my backlist will come out in due course. In the interim, I will work on other writers’ books, and I will write blogposts, and I will do a bunch of other things.

One of the other things is offer up stories if an anthology is coming out. The first story I offered was accepted, which would’ve made my year if Book View Café itself hadn’t already done that. It’ll be published in a few days as part of Mindy Klasky’s anthology Nevertheless, She Persisted. I’ve a t-shirt for that, which I’ll wear in Helsinki at Worldcon. You can read more about the anthology (and what led to it, and maybe get some insights into someone else’s view of working in Book View Café) in Mindy’s own words.

So it’s not one book out – it’s two. And a whole new part of my life has begun. Watch this space, for I’m certain it will be interesting.

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