The Wizardry of Jewish Women – sequel

ASIM published Impractical Magic and it was listed as recommended reading in a Year’s Best before the novel it was sequel to ever reached print. Processes are so much slower for novels in my life that the novel was written first and everyone met Judith through her sequel.

A few years ago, Bob Kuhn did a reading of Australasian SFF for a US convention, supporting Australian and New Zealand writing. Some of us followed up with him and he recorded a story of ours. His is the production copyright and mine is the story. To be honest, I hear Judith as more sarcastic and then complain-y than Bob does, but the tones of Ashmodai are precisely the way they echoed in my mind when I wrote the story. This recording always reminds me that any piece of fiction can be 1000 things to 1000 readers.

Happy Chanukah!


(You can find Wizardry here.)

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